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KS-ZL17 Wire Drawing Line

Technical Data & Perfosrmance

Inlet Range :Φ2.6-3. 2mm

Outlet Range :Φ0.4-1.6mm

Outlet Speed :0.4-0.7mm 1500-1800MPM

Finishing Diameter :Φ0.7-1.0mm 1200-1500MPM Φ1.0-1.2mm 900-1200MPM Φ1.2-1.6mm 600-900MPM

Max Drawing Dies Number : 17 Dies

Dies External Diameter:φ30mm X 15mm thickness or φ25mm X 10mm thickness

Mechanical Reduction Rate: 1st to 16th 20% 17th 15.5%

Main Engine Motor:75HP-AC is controlled by Variable-frequency Drive speed change

Take-up Motor:15HP- AC Independent configuration Variable-frequency Drive 

Take-up Amount :250-500KG/MAX

Coiling Outer Diameter:Φ500mm/Φ630mm

Wire Drawing Wheel: Spray-welded tungsten carbide 4-layer integrated wire drawing wheel

Wire Drawing Lubrication Method: Adopt the most advanced water outlet type of eye mold, independent pipe lubrication for inlet and outlet eye mold

Take-up Method:90W Reversible motor cable, toothed synchronous belt drive

Braking: Oil control dis-break

Air Pressure:4-6KG/cm2

Carrier Power:11KW+55KW

Mechanical Dimensions:3400L X 1300W X 1300H (mm)

Coiler :1400L X 1400W X 2000H (mm)

Electric Control Box :1000L X 700W X 1900H (mm)

Total Weight Of Machine :4100KG